Welcome to Dragon Venom! I am Azwrath the founder and leader of this wonderful guild. I started this guild in 2008 as a grouping guild. I have been in many guilds over the years be it on one character or another as I tried to learn who the fun, intelligent players and who to avoid. I learned from many raid guilds and casual guilds what to do and not to do, and thought to bring my experience to a guild as a leader.

What is Dragon Venom, the origins is from a game I created in Dungeons and Dragons. It was an medival styled assassain’s guild, lead by a character I created called Jinn. I thought it would be a wonderful name for a guild in Everquest. What are we about? Family, friends that come together and take on the challenges of Norrath. A meeting place of like minded and hearted people to stand together as one family. To show you can as a guild be more than just ok LFG please. but yes I had a bad day at work and need someone to talk to. I heard this on the news today and what do you think about it? Hey my husband wishes to learn the game. Oh I live in Tulsa, OK and we’re going to the fair, anyone wish to come?

We are a nexus not only for EQ, but EQ2 or any other game too. We are an idea that you can have a real life and be treated like a person that is cared about. Not a clique, or a cliche. But the real deal where you can put down your hair, take off your shoes and be real. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We have that all and we are family that will embrace that as long as you understand we all have it too. That you respect the honor of the guild and the family within that guild. I feel it is a great privilage to be part of such a guild and it should always be treated this way. As it is a privilage for me to be a part of it and offer this to you all. This is what I feel Dragon Venom stands for and is by definition, a guild.

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