Trade skills

The best way to make a small fortune with trade skills is to start with a large fortune. – every tradeskill addict in Everquest.  (This means don’t expect to be making a lot of platinum with tradeskills.  While opportunities are out there, they are not common).

These tradeskill guides were written by the tradeskill officer, Draggar.  They are a guide for a simple way to skill up your tradeskills – please note, the “simplest way” is never the cheapest way.  The simplest way includes items that are either purchased though merchant, commonly available in the Bazaar at a reasonable price, or easily farmed.  There are quests (mainly in the Abysmal Sea) that can get you to a skill level of 50 in each tradeskill – I will not get into these).

So, why do people get into tradeskills? One reason is all the “cool” stuff you can make like Misty Thicket picnics (very popular food item), alcohol drinks (and non-alcoholic), cakes, furniture, armor, weapons, etc. Second is that while you won’t make a million platinum overnight with tradeskills you can have a slow, but steady, source of income if you can have a trader up in the bazaar often. Also some quests require high level tradeskilled items and some class specific ones need other tradeskills (high level poison making requires advanced poison vials – trivial almost at 200 in pottery). On average my trader makes a couple hundred platinum a night, sometimes (if I’m lucky) I can make over 10,000 platinum.

Before you start any tradeskill you should head to West Freeport (the book in Plane of Knowledge leads there) and start the trophy quest with Event Coordinator Baudible Diggs.  You can hail her and go though the dialogue or just say the tradeskill you want to get the trophy for.  It is important to start these quests early for two reasons – first, the lower your skills are the easier the combines are and second, you will have much more time to allow your trophy to evolve.  When you have your trophy always have it in your primary hand when you are doing combines.  The bonus is low in the beginning (Geerloks are sometimes inexpensive in the Bazaar and have a 5% mod).  The only tradeskill that does not have a trophy at this time is fishing.

Collapsible containers are nice but not needed since empty containers can go into other containers.  The exception is the collapsed distillery (no portable distilleries).  You should also get the largest version available.  Any cultural kit or special kit (i.e. Coldain Tanner’s kit) can wait until you need them.

If you are going to be serious about the tradeskills you should also consider extraplanar trade satchels.  Get at least one or two per tradeskill.

Getting a skill to 200 is fairly easy, it’s going from 200 to 300 that is the hardest.  I suggest this order for mastery:

  • Baking
  • Tailoring
  • Brewing
  • Jewelry Making
  • Pottery
  • Smithing
  • Fletching
Please note:  class and race specific tradeskills (tinkering for gnomes, poison making for rogues, research for casters, and alchemy for shamen) should always be worked on and you should get the trophy as early as you can.

You can swap brewing with tailoring (I suggest tailoring higher to let you make the extraplanar satchels when your skill level reaches 300) and you can also switch pottery with jewelry making (jewelry making is very easy and you can almost get to 300 with just merchants but pottery can make some nice items).

Definitely save fletching for last.  While it is extremely easy to get to 200 in fletching (and can usually be done for under 200PP – getting to 300 is extremely difficult).

Characters over level 51 (as in class level, not tradeskill level) you should consider using alternate advancement points.  Recovery is very important – it will give you a chance to recover one or more components in a failed combine.  There are also mastery AAs which will have a 10$, 25%, or 50% lower chance of failure.  You should also make sure your intelligence or wisdom is maxed out to help with skillups – 255 is the highest for lower level classes and increases by 5 every level later on.  Plus, some alternate advancement options also will increase these your  stats.

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