Fishing, by far, is the easiest tradeskill to cap your skill at but it only goes to 200 at this time.  All you need to do is get a fishing pole, some bait, and go to a place with water and fish.  Some baits and poles give a skill modifier which will increase your chances of fishing. Word of caution: all fishing poles can and will (eventually) break.

What you catch (if you catch anything) depends on your skill level.  At low levels you’ll lose your bait often and catch rusty daggers (keep these if you haven’t started on smithing yet – buy a sharpening stone to get your skill up to 18) and a tattered sandal.  You can also catch fish scales (used with some spells) and fresh fish.  Eventually, you’ll start to catch zone specific fish.

So why does this need a guide?  Well, Sony expanded fishing a while back to include a lot more than just fishing.

They added hooks which give you a fishing modifier. They are a hook, some component, and silk thread combined in a tackle box.

The hooks are – and define the trivial level:

  • Dry hook (trivial at 26)
  • Treble hook (trivial at 44)
  • Circle hook (trivial at 54)

You also will need a silk thread:

  • 2 spiderling silks in a sewing kit (trivial at 16 – no fail)

The components are:

  • Bixie wing (drops off of various bixies- mainly the Commonlands, Misty Thicket, Kithcor, Nektulos Forest, and Stone Hive)
  • Fire hornet wing (drops off hornets in the Burning Woods)
  • Giant mosquito wing (drops off of mosquitoes in the Gulf of Gunthak and Swamp of No Hope)
  • Giant wasp wing (drops off various wasps in classic Everquest newbie zones (Greater Faydark, Commonlands, North Ro, Kithcor, Qeynos Hills, Butcherblock, Feerot, Misty Thicket, Paineel, Streamfont, Toxxulia etc.)
  • Bat fur (drops off of bats from the same classic newbie zones as mentioned above as well as some merchants sell them)
  • Pixie wing (drops off of pixies in Greater and Lesser Faydark)
  • Giant bat fur (drops off of larger bats in Erud’s Crossing, Feerott, Maiden’s Eye, Mistmoore, and Misty Thicket)
  • Faerie wing (drops off of faeries in Greater and Lesser Faydark)
  • Medium quality dire wolf fur (drops off of dire wolves in Eastern Wastes, Iceclad Ocean, and Kael Drakkel)
  • Small mosquito wing (drops off of mosquitos in Cabilis East, Gulf of Gunthak, Innothule Swamp, and Swamp of No Hope)
  • Piece of rat fur (drops off of small rats in cities and newbie zones)
  • Patch of gnoll fur (drops off of fnolls in Blackburrow, Lake Rathetear, Qeynos Hills, South Karana, and Splitpaw)
  • Wasp wing (drops off of wasps and yellow jackets in Greater Faydark and Misty Thicket)


You can also make fish bones, prepared fish, and high quality fish bones.  There are too many to list but there is a full list on

This page was written by Draggar – Tradeskill officer of Dragon Venom.

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