Jewelry Making

Jewelry making has to be the easiest tradeskill to get to 300 with no question.  All combines from 0 to 282 are two items that can be purchased at merchants (almost any jewelcrafting merchant will have these – Plane of Knowledge or Abysmal Sea are good places to do this).  You can even get up to 295 considering blue diamonds are very commonly sold to merchants.  You only need to go to Thurgadin to purchase velium bars to get those last points (Blue diamond velium bracelets are trivial at 302).  All these combines can also be sold back to a merchant (at a loss).

Important note:  metal bars do not need to be enchanted to work on jewelry making.  Trivial levels are the same and enchanting the metals will only give the stats and not increase the sell price.

As mentioned – all combines for this path are two items, a metal bar (silver, electrum, gold, and platinum are available at all jewelcraft merchants, velium is available in Thurgadin) and a gem (most up to rubies are available at all jewelcraft merchants).  The general rule of thumb is that you use one metal and work your way up the gems (you can choose – you can either go every step and have a high success rate but it will take much longer or skip gems and buy stacks but then you’ll have more failures).  For example, you will start off with silver at a cost of 525 copper (5 gold, 2 silver, 5 copper) each, electrum is the next step 2625 copper – since peridots are 10500 copper then when topaz (next cheapest at 5250) are trivial, go to electrum.  Yes, there may be a jump in trivial levels but at these low levels the costs won’t be too high.  Here is a trivial chart (yes, it is incomplete): (click on the image for a larger version)

Note:  Velium is every expensive (262PP each) – it is only recommended to use this as a skillup at the very end.  You may want to shop in the bazaar and get uncut gems to make simple augments.  The highest level one is a square cut black sapphire which is trivial at 300.  To make these basic augments you’ll need:

  • A “cut” tool – you can purchase a square cut tool at many merchants and then combine it (by itself) in your jeweler’s kit to cycle though the different cuts (or be like me, buy a bunch and “combine” them all so you have one of each)
  • An uncut gem
  • A jeweler’s glass  - this and the subcombines have a low trivial but the jeweler’s glass lens WILL have a lot of failures (presumed to stress the amount of sanding the lens needs).

You can get these uncut germs in the bazaar and on vendors that others have sold for a few platinum each but their availability will be erratic.  Some of the gems are also used in very high level jewelcrafting – I would not recommend using them but here are some used for just one combine:

  • Uncut amethyst + trillion cut tool – 234
  • Uncut alexandrite + marquise cut tool – 235
  • Uncut goshenite + half moon cut tool – 252
  • Uncut morganite + round cut tool – 270
  • Uncut jacinth + round cut tool – 287
  • Uncut black sapphire + square cut tool – 300


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