I’ve said it before but it is extremely true for smithing so I’ll say it again.  This is NOT the cheapest way to go about smithing.  It is the easiest.

Smithing allows you to make weapons, armor, and other items as well as some items used in other tradeskills.  This tradeskill also has a lot of subcombines used in other tradeskills like steel boning (armors, picnic baskets), bits, etc.   The easiest way to get to a skill level of 282 is with making barbs – but it WILL BE EXPENSIVE.  To make the barbs you need a file (also smithed, but I’ll get into that later) and a piece of ore.  These are used in extremely few combines (mostly in one combine) and do not sell to merchants so I would keep 1 stack at best and destroy the rest.

Another thing, if you haven’t gotten your trophy yet, I highly recommend getting it now or early on (skill around 50?).

If you are still low level hunt around newbie zones and get rusty weapons, you can combine them with a sharpening stone in a forge which will get your skill up in the high teens to low 20s (depending on the weapon).

To make barbs, combine these ores with a file in a forge:

  • Thalium Ore – 62
  • Fulginate Ore – 112
  • Rhenium Ore – 184
  • Cobalt Ore – 222
  • Titanium Ore – 242
  • Tantalum Ore – 255
  • Vanadium Ore – 268
  • Osmium Ore – 282

From here out I’d recommend making Tungsten Chain Gloves Templates:

  • Smithy Hammer (returned on success and failure) + metal tempering chemicals + chainmail gloves template pattern + tungsten ore  lustrous black coal
  • They stack up to 10

There are many useful items from blacksmithing, too:

  • Pie Tin – trivial at 17
    • Ceramic Lining + metal bits + pie tin mold + water flask
    • Stacks to 20
    • Used in baking
    • Easier than pottery
  • File – trivial at 21
    • Water flask + metal bits (water flask + 2 small pieces of ore in a forge) + file mold
    • Used in smithing – you can also sometimes sell these in the bazaar
  • Sewing Needle – trivial at 31
    • Water flask + jar of acid + needle mold + smithy hammer (returned on success and failure) + 2 high quality metal bits (water + 2 small pieces of high quality ore) + 2 steel bits (file + small brick of steel)
    • Used in tailoring
  • Muffin Tin – trivial at 35
    • Ceramic lining + metal bits + muffin tin mold + water flask
    • Used in baking
    • Stacks to 20

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